Thursday, December 4, 2014

What You Need To Know About Cancer Genetic Testing

Mutations, Genes and Cancer Genetic Testing

Genomics is a specialized field of medical science that studies the inherited traits and characteristics that are passed on from the parent to the offspring and how they are responsible in  developing certain diseases like cancer. Our genes are basically made up of deoxyribonucleic-acid which is present in each cell and controls the functioning of each cell. Changes in the inherited genes are called mutations and these mutations are responsible for uncontrolled growth of cells leading to cancer.

But now with the advancements and developments in science and technology, cutting-edge tests and techniques have been developed for quick profiling of cancer genomes. CD genomics is a pioneer in conducting pre clinical testing of cancer to determine the susceptibility through high volume sample processing. Whole genome sequencing can also detect hereditary diseases and disorders during the prenatal stage. 

Cancer Genetic Testing - An Innovative Approach For A Healthy Life 

The cancer genetic testing conducted at CD Genomics will give you a complete picture of the risk involved and possibility for cure. You can also find cost effective solutions for several medical conditions and diseases that can be analyzed through genetic testing.  
Genetic testing helps in learning more about the changes induced in the cells during cancer and this information helps in finding treatments and treating cancer apart from making predictions regarding the possibility of cancer. 

DNA diagnostics for genetically predisposed diseases like cancer is normally done by the process of whole body genome sequencing using a DNA quantification kit that helps identify the risk of developing disease. To know more about accurate and reliable Cancer Genetic Testing procedures, please visit